Testimonial fra engelsk klient: fri af angst og indre uro


(Testimonial from english speaking client. Sessions are also available in english and online live).

“I have a highly rewarding but simultaniously demanding job which suddenly seemed to inhibit me from finding peace/satisfaction in my working and private life.

To suddenly lack conviction, incentive and enjoyment in everyday situations was naturally a cause for concern and for the first time in my life I felt that my own perception of how to solve these issues was inadequate so I decided to act and get some professional help!

I basically had – from one day to the next- a lack of incentive and belief in everyday tasks that previously had been actioned on autopilot without forethought or concern.

I became numb, introverted and borderline agoraphobic.

The most remarkable thing was that everything happened in a single day “out of the blue” so to speak. No warning signals, no additional pressures, everything had been exactly the same as previously in my life and then “the shit hit the fan!”

Avoidance and limitation/damage control plagued my thoughts! I felt like a “fish out of water” in the company of people that I had known for years and my previously optimistic attitude to life and the challenges that are part of living were fundamentally changed overnight.

Put bluntly “It was like waking up in someone else`s body ” I kept telling myself to pull myself together and get on with life, but I couldn`t shake off these feelings of dispair and anxiety. Physically I noted the symptoms of panic attacks, alterations in my heart rate, head tingling and exhaustion.

To this day I cannot place a single incident as being the “route cause” to the onset of my condition!

But I have learnt (through my time with Karen) that it was the culmination of many years of experiences that I had failed to address and had stored away in my subconscious mind that got the better of me and the man I was.

When you suddenly find yourself “treading water ” instead of living life, the thought chain becomes confused, nothing is “normal” anymore. Thinking rationally and finding satisfaction in anything becomes tough!

Basically I felt like throwing the towel in!

When in “unchartered waters” I think we tend to fall back on previous experiences that have proven successful, I attempted to use a common sense approach to my problems hoping that I could miraculously find a solution.

Frustration and futility became ever more present in my daily address of my symptoms and it got to the point where I ran out of ideas.
On reflection I now see that by applying this “normal” approach to problem solving couldn`t work as it´s a bit like trying to put out fire with fire. The old saying ” if you continue doing what you have done so far and expect a different result, then more fool you”, was without doubt applicable here.

Being well travelled I knew and had faith in the fact that many ancient approaches to mental health were available, I had decided that I would under no circumstances take a medicinal approach to my issues, so I used the internet to research options. Hypnosis was mentioned as a well documented and safe alternative to alleviate conditions and symptoms of stress and anxiety and it felt right for me.

Working with Karen is “The best thing I ever did for myself”. I was open, receptive and hopeful of a positive outcome when I met Karen and my expectations were fulfilled.

Being with Karen on a “one to one” is enlightening and exciting at the same time, without any preconception of what will take place I chose to give it 100% and at no time lacked commitment or dedication. The “teacher pupil” relationship is fascinating (both in and out of hypnosis), it is a journey back in time through your own life and leads to a greater understanding of why we become the people we do (this was extremely true for me).

It became apparent that the root causes of my “challenges in life” stemmed from misconceptions that I had stored in my subconscious mind and that all that was needed was a little “tweak” so that I could find an alternative understanding of why I felt as I did. (Mind blowing in reality)

I found renewed self-belief and confidence in my own abilities, I discovered the importance of addressing historical issues and finding peace of mind in relation to my role/responsibility in them.

My energy levels started to rise and an inner feeling of wellbeing and contentment replaced doubt and worry.

I feel like “being reborn”. I know it sounds exaggerated but the whole process of 7th Path (if taken seriously) is like a transition into a mental state of tranquility, a rekindled appetite for living and taking risks replaced the previous habitual gloom and doom.

I am living again. Living with anticipation of good things happening with little fear for what is around the corner! I now feel I am prepared for most of what life can throw at me 🙂 or at least know that if I have doubt I know where to go to get some good advise and help! I have gained self harmony and inner peace.

“You`re a bloody fool!” if you don´t take action on your problem.

Male, Civil Engineer/Salesmanager




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